Montecore continues its experimental research: from the first jacket made by combining motorcycle style with the tailoring of menswear to the innovation of the bi-stretch fabric with a rainproof system.

Since 2006 tradition and quality to create unique garments

History of the brand

Montecore was founded in 2006 in the Marche region of Italy and entered the market with an innovative collection of outerwear designed for men and women.

The first jacket is the Motom, a contemporary version that blends the typical style of the motorcycle with the refined tailoring of menswear. Since 2006, the year in which Fabio Peroni founded the Montecore brand, the constant search for new technological materials has led the company to various achievements, including the presentation of Model 244 in 2011, the first jacket made of bi-stretch fabric with an anti-rain system.Today, Montecore is recognized on the international scene thanks to its constantly developing technology and meticulous research into fabrics.

Both characteristics allow the collections to stand the test of time, passing from generation to generation.

Fabio Peroni

Brand philosophy

Montecore focuses on the creation of products designed for men and women with an experimental approach and a constant search for high-end materials and technologies.

The product is born and evolves from the observation of the outside world and its beauties, in a continuous aesthetic and sartorial exploration that leads to the creation of timeless garments.


Montecore products are synonymous with excellent quality that goes beyond time.

The study, selection of materials and their processing are carried out by the company in collaboration with leading experts from all over the world.


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